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Process Available Funds Faster with NOFA Management Software

Housing directors play an invaluable role in ensuring that residents in their communities have access to affordable housing options. However, managing funding allocation can prove a complex and time-consuming process, filled with challenges and hassles for administrators and applicants alike.


Going Digital: Community Engagement Upgrades for 2023

Government leaders are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage with their communities more effectively. However, many traditional methods of community engagement may no longer be as efficient as they once were, resulting in low levels of participation, a lack of transparency, and even...


Improving Your CRR Program with Strategic Partnerships and Technology

A fire department's community risk reduction (CRR) program has the potential to significantly reduce fire incidents and save lives. Yet despite admirable efforts and dedication, many departments are unable to make a lasting impact due to traditional CRR programs being insufficiently agile for...


Leveraging Software to Simplify Public-Private Housing Partnerships

The affordable housing crisis affects millions of families across the country, making it difficult for them to find safe and decent housing at an affordable cost. Public-private partnerships (PPPs, or P3s), offer a promising solution by combining the resources and expertise of both the public and...


How to Engage with the Community for Better Government Decisions

Community engagement plays a critical role in government decision-making by ensuring that the perspectives and needs of the community are taken into account. By involving community members in the decision-making process, government officials can make more informed decisions that better reflect the...


How to Choose a Digital Case Management System

Choosing the right case management system can be a daunting task. The pressure is on to find a solution that can improve internal processes, streamline workflows, and provide data-driven insights for informed decision making.