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How Technology Helps Community Participation in Local Government

Community participation is a cornerstone of effective city administration, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement among residents. However, not even community participation is immune to politics: local power structures can make engagement more complex, and lead to a lack of representation...


Prevent Housing Displacement with Eviction Management Software

With the ongoing housing crisis, preventing housing displacements is more important than ever. Evictions, a leading cause of such displacements, present a complex challenge that requires a delicate balance between owner and tenant rights. The process involves a fair amount of paperwork, multiple...


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Creating Online Resources to Prevent Homelessness

Homelessness remains a pervasive issue: a growing crisis that demands urgent attention and innovative solutions. Housing agencies are acutely aware of the severity of this problem, the human lives it impacts, and the ripples it sends through communities.


Should You Upgrade Your Government ERP System?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, are comprehensive software platforms that integrate various functions of an organization into a unified system. For government agencies, ERP systems can manage a wide range of operations such as finance, human resources, procurement, project management,...


How Does Customer Self-Service Software Help Organizations?

Customers demand instant access to information and services as the world is increasingly online. They want to be able to resolve their issues, make payments, and access services at their convenience, without having to wait on hold for a customer service representative.


The Impact of Transportation on Access to Affordable Housing

Effective affordable housing is about more than just the cost of rent. Consider the impact of transportation: it shapes access to jobs, public spaces, and essential goods and services. Limited transportation options can challenge low-income households, increasing their overall expenses and reducing...


Is Your City Ready for Extreme Weather Events?

Extreme weather events are happening more frequently, even in areas previously considered safe. What if your city is next? Is your government prepared to respond to an influx of urgent service requests when it happens?


Who Does 3Di Serve for CRR? Meet Our Clients

From fire departments to state-level agencies, each of 3Di’s clients has specific requirements that demand tailored solutions. Whether it's streamlining fire inspections, managing parcel inventories, or facilitating compliance processes, 3Di's solutions are designed to enhance operational...


Building a Technology Roadmap for Local Government

Local governments today face countless new challenges, from public safety issues and insufficient resources, to misinformation and data security concerns. A purpose-driven government technology roadmap can address these challenges by allowing staff to do more with less, engaging residents more...


Using Tech to Build an Effective Inclusionary Housing Policy

The housing crisis continues to leave millions of families struggling to find affordable, decent homes. As the gap between housing supply and demand widens, communities face the harsh reality of increasing rents and home prices, pushing more people into precarious living situations.