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Reinventing Construction Vendor Management with Software

In real estate construction, vendor management can be a real challenge. From sourcing suppliers and handling incidents, to scheduling deliveries and invoicing customers, there’s a lot that needs to be done for projects to run smoothly. And if these tasks aren’t managed correctly, it can have...


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Hospital Inspection Software: How to Choose the Right Option

As a hospital worker responsible for inspections, you know that choosing the right hospital inspection software is crucial. Not only does it help your institution meet regulatory standards, but it also plays a vital role in ensuring patient safety and improving the overall patient experience. With...


What is Community Risk Reduction?

Risks like fires, natural disasters, and industrial accidents can have a devastating impact on communities. If left unmitigated, these hazards can lead to loss of life, damage to property, and long-term economic and social disruption.


How the Right Permit Management System Simplifies Government Work

Buying the wrong permitting management system feels a bit like it did to buy a smartphone in the early days. There might have been a few applications within them, but generally if you wanted a decent camera, a music player, video call capability, or the ability to easily sync with other technology,...


Government Software Modernization: Addressing the Challenges

Most of the government agencies we speak with would love to work with more modern software systems. Whether they’re frustrated with a difficult-to-use process or application they use today, or they’re attracted by new capabilities, most public sector organizations love the idea of upgrading to the...


Choosing the Right Inspection Software for Manufacturing

Even a small flaw in your manufacturing process can lead to an expensive failure of the final product. To handle this, manufacturers need to prioritize quality control and strong inspection practices, but this is difficult if you don’t have the right tools to manage it all.


Improving Cost Recovery in Public Sector Service Operations

From permitting for events to inspections and code enforcement, cost recovery can be an effective way to ensure you have the resources to support the services you provide are covered — as long as you have a good system and proper tools to implement it.