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How To Measure Community Engagement

You've launched community initiatives, held town hall meetings, and even rolled out an online platform for resident feedback. But you're left with a nagging question: "Is any of this actually working?" You're not alone.


15 Reasons Why Community Engagement is Important for Cities

Community engagement is the cornerstone of effective city leadership. Whether you're spearheading a new project, holding a position of governance, or planning a community initiative, the collective voice of the community is a powerful tool that can guide, refine, and elevate your efforts.


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How to Encourage Youth to Participate in Community Activities

Young people play a vital role in shaping our communities. Their participation in community activities like volunteer programs, advisory boards, and environmental initiatives fosters their personal growth and contributes to our community’s vibrancy and resilience.


How Technology Helps Community Participation in Local Government

Community participation is a cornerstone of effective city administration, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement among residents. However, not even community participation is immune to politics: local power structures can make engagement more complex, and lead to a lack of representation...


Should You Upgrade Your Government ERP System?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, are comprehensive software platforms that integrate various functions of an organization into a unified system. For government agencies, ERP systems can manage a wide range of operations such as finance, human resources, procurement, project management,...


Is Your City Ready for Extreme Weather Events?

Extreme weather events are happening more frequently, even in areas previously considered safe. What if your city is next? Is your government prepared to respond to an influx of urgent service requests when it happens?


Building a Technology Roadmap for Local Government

Local governments today face countless new challenges, from public safety issues and insufficient resources, to misinformation and data security concerns. A purpose-driven government technology roadmap can address these challenges by allowing staff to do more with less, engaging residents more...


Going Digital: Community Engagement Upgrades for 2023

Government leaders are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage with their communities more effectively. However, many traditional methods of community engagement may no longer be as efficient as they once were, resulting in low levels of participation, a lack of transparency, and even...


How to Engage with the Community for Better Government Decisions

Community engagement plays a critical role in government decision-making by ensuring that the perspectives and needs of the community are taken into account. By involving community members in the decision-making process, government officials can make more informed decisions that better reflect the...