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Community Fire Prevention Programs: Engagement is Essential

Fire agencies frequently grapple with an unfortunate challenge: their responsibilities are expanding, but their resources are not. This imbalance can lead to overstretched teams, missed inspections, and a community left vulnerable to fire risks. Too many fire agencies simply don’t have the time or...


Who Does 3Di Serve for CRR? Meet Our Clients

From fire departments to state-level agencies, each of 3Di’s clients has specific requirements that demand tailored solutions. Whether it's streamlining fire inspections, managing parcel inventories, or facilitating compliance processes, 3Di's solutions are designed to enhance operational...


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Improving Your CRR Program with Strategic Partnerships and Technology

A fire department's community risk reduction (CRR) program has the potential to significantly reduce fire incidents and save lives. Yet despite admirable efforts and dedication, many departments are unable to make a lasting impact due to traditional CRR programs being insufficiently agile for...


What is Community Risk Reduction?

Risks like fires, natural disasters, and industrial accidents can have a devastating impact on communities. If left unmitigated, these hazards can lead to loss of life, damage to property, and long-term economic and social disruption.


Improving Cost Recovery in Public Sector Service Operations

From permitting for events to inspections and code enforcement, cost recovery can be an effective way to ensure you have the resources to support the services you provide are covered — as long as you have a good system and proper tools to implement it.


The Best Fire Inspection Software Starts with Good Data

With intuitive checklists, more capabilities in the field, and less paperwork, fire inspection software helps inspectors do their jobs better and faster than ever before. But there’s one thing that separates okay inspection software and the best inspection software: good data.


How 3Di's Fire Inspection Software Makes a Fire Marshal's Jobs Easier

As a Community Risk Reduction program advances and grows, having the right software in place becomes increasingly important to keep everything running smoothly. From vegetation and fuel management to home hardening, defensible space assessments, annual inspections, community engagement, and more,...


A No-Code Software Solution: The Story of 3Di Engage

When organizations need software to handle complex processes and automation, it often seems there are only two paths to choose from: they could pay top dollar for a highly customized software solution (which might take months or even years before it’s ready), or they could buy an off-the-shelf...