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How 3Di's Fire Inspection Software Makes a Fire Marshal's Jobs Easier

Scott McGill | August 24, 2022

4 Minute Read

fire official using 3Di Engage to review an inspection

As a Community Risk Reduction program advances and grows, having the right software in place becomes increasingly important to keep everything running smoothly. From vegetation and fuel management to home hardening, defensible space assessments, annual inspections, community engagement, and more, running an effective program gets much easier when you have the right tools. 

While it’s possible to develop a Community Risk Reduction Program by simply using combinations of spreadsheets and paper checklists, most fire safety leaders soon discover that they can’t keep up with the demands for field and administrative duties that seem to constantly grow. 

When jurisdictions adopt modern technology early on, they can also use it to better communicate with the community, resulting in high levels of program participation and improved compliance with risk reduction goals. 

As you can see, today’s leading fire inspection software solutions should actually go much further than simply assisting with inspections. That’s why we’ve taken what we’ve learned from decades of working alongside fire departments to create a comprehensive platform that helps eliminate inefficiencies and “busy work” across key areas such as:

  • Annual noticing 
  • Inspection 
  • Compliance 
  • Enforcement
  • Cost recovery 

Here are some of the ways 3Di’s fire inspection software platform, 3Di Engage, is making life easier for fire marshal’s and other fire prevention professionals across the country: 

Empower Your Team in the Field 

Our mobile app improves productivity, compliance, customer service, and cost recovery.  

That means fewer trips or phone calls to verify information, no more going back to the office to enter data or complete follow-up tasks, and no more hassle over finding the right documents for each property. 

The app does this by letting you manage everything from the field, including code look-up, performing checklist-based inspections, viewing property and case history, accepting digital signatures, issuing citations, and more – even with poor or no connectivity.  

Improve Engagement with the Community 

It shouldn’t have to be so time-consuming to communicate important information to the public, or to handle recurring tasks or questions.  

Our easy-to-use web and mobile portal for citizens and businesses enables them to file complaints, request permits, get educated, receive notifications, and make payments for fees and fines. Property owners can also establish accounts and get their own dashboard, all accessible 24/7.   

This portal system gives you a central place for communication with the public, and frees up your time by allowing citizens to find answers to common questions and complete tasks, without needing to reach out as often. 

 Rather than field calls or emails, you can also automatically provide them with information about your department and its services, educational resources for fire prevention and emergency response, relevant upcoming events, and personalized updates about the status of inspections or service requests. 

Get Accurate, Detailed Visibility of Parcels in Your Jurisdiction 

Let’s put an end to broken databases and inconsistent data. It shouldn’t be a hassle to find the most current or accurate property information, or to manually update information that doesn’t match your records. 

3Di gives you easy access to automatically refreshed information on any given property and owner of record — there’s no need to manually enter property data anymore.  

We even simplify the creation and management of your property inventory by integrating it with other databases, such as the county assessor’s office, whenever possible. 

You can now reference a single database with a complete and accurate inventory of properties – all tied to contact and case history lists. This also includes GIS-based mapping of parcels and structures. This information is overlaid with parcel boundaries, ownership information, and jurisdiction compliance-related data.  

With these inventory features you can improve productivity, reduce errors, and speed up compliance. 

Easily Manage & Reference Code Books 

Tired of sifting through notes and paperwork to check fire codes and standards? Adding and updating codes can be time consuming, especially without a good system to keep everything organized (in a way that both you and new hires can quickly understand and use).  

With 3Di Engage, dealing with fire codes is a much simpler process. Now you can easily add and update local and regional codes, quickly reference other standards like the IFC and NFPA codes, manage violations and proposed remedies, and automatically adjust related workflows. All of this in the palm of your hand.  

Not only does this feature improve compliance, and inspection quality, but you easy access to relevant codes helps to improve staff training too. 

Get Better Data with More Helpful Insights 

It shouldn’t be a complex process to get actionable insights about your efforts — especially if nobody on your team enjoys getting in the weeds with your data. Now you can use 3Di Engage to easily improve fire program management and measure your results.  

Get a real-time view of your fire prevention programs’ activities and history. 3Di lets you track trends like common violations and department activities, so you can use data-driven insights to make informed policy decisions and develop improved public education initiatives. 

Automate Busywork 

What if you could spend less time on administrative tasks, and have fewer things to remember during inspections? 3Di’s process automation improves your consistency, productivity, cost recovery and customer service.  

It lets you manage cases and streamline workflows with automated scheduling, notifications, alerts, and task routing, along with permit and inspection processes. 

This also lets you recover the costs of inspections and enforcement through easy collection of fees and fines, with integrated payment processing. And by automatically syncing data, every member of your staff can have access to the same updated information.  

Manage Cases and Workflows, Regardless of Your Processes’ Complexity 

Some processes seem like they’re too complex or unpredictable to digitize. Handling complaints, for instance, isn’t always a clear set of linear steps, and those steps may change depending on how the case progresses. 

3Di Engage’s adaptive case management features are designed to share data, collaborate, and manage workflow timelines and documents to help drive more successful, optimized outcomes and compliance — even when the process is complicated and ever-changing. 

Further, this system eliminates data silos between systems because you can accomplish more on the same platform, and easily integrate with other systems. 

Simplify procurement and implementation 

You don’t want to wait forever to start using the software you need. Your solution should be delivered quickly while being customized to your department’s needs. That’s why 3Di’s solution is built on a comprehensive cloud-based platform that comes packed full of features while allowing for quick and easy customization to help you get started in a matter of weeks rather than years. 

Pair that with flexible, usage-based pricing and included ongoing support, and you get a powerful tool that’s just as easy to maintain as it is to implement.  

Next steps 

As fire departments face increasing responsibilities, often with insufficient resources, fire marshals are increasingly turning to technology and software solutions to work more efficiently. 

3Di has worked closely with our clients to develop a set of software solutions that address some of the most common challenges facing fire marshals today, reducing workloads and allowing fire departments to accomplish more with less. 

The 3Di Engage platform also offers powerful integration capabilities (via API) to accommodate your existing systems, and give CRR programs an advantage by incorporating tools for annual inspections, defensible space and home hardening assessments, fire permits code enforcement, and complaint management. 

To see how what we’ve built could help make your job easier, request a demo today.