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How to Combat Homelessness Using Better Data

Homelessness is a complex and pervasive issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It's a problem that's often viewed as insurmountable, with its roots deeply embedded in a myriad of socio-economic factors. However, housing agencies must still seek to find effective solutions. The...


Prevent Housing Displacement with Eviction Management Software

With the ongoing housing crisis, preventing housing displacements is more important than ever. Evictions, a leading cause of such displacements, present a complex challenge that requires a delicate balance between owner and tenant rights. The process involves a fair amount of paperwork, multiple...


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Creating Online Resources to Prevent Homelessness

Homelessness remains a pervasive issue: a growing crisis that demands urgent attention and innovative solutions. Housing agencies are acutely aware of the severity of this problem, the human lives it impacts, and the ripples it sends through communities.


The Impact of Transportation on Access to Affordable Housing

Effective affordable housing is about more than just the cost of rent. Consider the impact of transportation: it shapes access to jobs, public spaces, and essential goods and services. Limited transportation options can challenge low-income households, increasing their overall expenses and reducing...


Using Tech to Build an Effective Inclusionary Housing Policy

The housing crisis continues to leave millions of families struggling to find affordable, decent homes. As the gap between housing supply and demand widens, communities face the harsh reality of increasing rents and home prices, pushing more people into precarious living situations.


Process Available Funds Faster with NOFA Management Software

Housing directors play an invaluable role in ensuring that residents in their communities have access to affordable housing options. However, managing funding allocation can prove a complex and time-consuming process, filled with challenges and hassles for administrators and applicants alike.


Leveraging Software to Simplify Public-Private Housing Partnerships

The affordable housing crisis affects millions of families across the country, making it difficult for them to find safe and decent housing at an affordable cost. Public-private partnerships (PPPs, or P3s), offer a promising solution by combining the resources and expertise of both the public and...


Government Software Modernization: Addressing the Challenges

Most of the government agencies we speak with would love to work with more modern software systems. Whether they’re frustrated with a difficult-to-use process or application they use today, or they’re attracted by new capabilities, most public sector organizations love the idea of upgrading to the...