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Community Fire Prevention Programs: Engagement is Essential

Fire agencies frequently grapple with an unfortunate challenge: their responsibilities are expanding, but their resources are not. This imbalance can lead to overstretched teams, missed inspections, and a community left vulnerable to fire risks. Too many fire agencies simply don’t have the time or...


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How Technology Helps with Proactive Fire Defense

Faced with fire risks rising each passing year, and especially with the increasing threat of wildfires, fire marshals and public safety leaders are feeling the strain. Despite tireless efforts, the sheer scale of the problem can often feel insurmountable. How can we better protect communities from...


Reducing Labor in Your Fire Inspection Program

Fire marshals face a daunting dilemma: higher demands for fire safety, yet increasingly strained resources to manage risk in the community. Worse still, traditional inspection methods are inefficient, often taking days to process from start to finish.


How to Combat Homelessness Using Better Data

Homelessness is a complex and pervasive issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It's a problem that's often viewed as insurmountable, with its roots deeply embedded in a myriad of socio-economic factors. However, housing agencies must still seek to find effective solutions. The...


The Complete Cloud Migration Checklist (With Free PDF)

The cloud revolution is well underway, transforming how businesses operate, innovate, and grow. As organizations seek out the advantages of cloud computing, such as improved flexibility, cost efficiency, and enhanced security, it’s not always clear how to navigate the complex migration process.


How to Encourage Youth to Participate in Community Activities

Young people play a vital role in shaping our communities. Their participation in community activities like volunteer programs, advisory boards, and environmental initiatives fosters their personal growth and contributes to our community’s vibrancy and resilience.


How Technology Helps Community Participation in Local Government

Community participation is a cornerstone of effective city administration, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement among residents. However, not even community participation is immune to politics: local power structures can make engagement more complex, and lead to a lack of representation...


Prevent Housing Displacement with Eviction Management Software

With the ongoing housing crisis, preventing housing displacements is more important than ever. Evictions, a leading cause of such displacements, present a complex challenge that requires a delicate balance between owner and tenant rights. The process involves a fair amount of paperwork, multiple...


Creating Online Resources to Prevent Homelessness

Homelessness remains a pervasive issue: a growing crisis that demands urgent attention and innovative solutions. Housing agencies are acutely aware of the severity of this problem, the human lives it impacts, and the ripples it sends through communities.