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Choosing the Right Inspection Software for Manufacturing

Even a small flaw in your manufacturing process can lead to an expensive failure of the final product. To handle this, manufacturers need to prioritize quality control and strong inspection practices, but this is difficult if you don’t have the right tools to manage it all.


Improving Cost Recovery in Public Sector Service Operations

From permitting for events to inspections and code enforcement, cost recovery can be an effective way to ensure you have the resources to support the services you provide are covered — as long as you have a good system and proper tools to implement it.


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4 Technology-Powered Community Engagement Examples for Government

Engaging and serving the people in your community is more complex than ever before. Citizens have increasingly come to expect modern and intuitive public sector interfaces, but the need for better solutions doesn't stop there. Services have expanded, and legacy systems have created information...


Building a Business Case for Cloud Migration

Are you considering migrating systems to the cloud, but aren't sure if it's worth the investment? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses are hesitant to make the switch from an on-premises model to cloud computing, due to concerns such as cost, security, or the amount of work required.


Why Sustainable Affordable Housing Matters

America is in the middle of a housing crisis. Expensive coastal cities have given over large swaths of their downtowns to homeless encampments. Over the past three years, local housing markets have gone boom then bust, creating huge increases in rent for many people who were barely making it as it...


Rapid Cloud Deployment: Accelerated Migration

The benefits of moving to the cloud are well known by now, but so are stories of lengthy or troublesome migrations and implementations. Luckily, there are ways to reap the benefits of the cloud quickly. We’ve explored this in depth and we’re ready to share how we’re making it possible.


How to Keep Government Data Safe from Hackers

Government data security today is dangerously underprioritized. Local leaders often lack the resources, budget, and tech knowledge for effective cybersecurity. This is especially troubling because local governments are the most common target for hackers, making up nearly half of all ransomware...


Selecting Top Software Solutions for Local Government

Local governments across the country and around the world are leveraging software to solve all kinds of problems. From automating processes to improving public engagement, software solutions provide virtually endless opportunities.