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A No-Code Software Solution: The Story of 3Di Engage

When organizations need software to handle complex processes and automation, it often seems there are only two paths to choose from: they could pay top dollar for a highly customized software solution (which might take months or even years before it’s ready), or they could buy an off-the-shelf...


California Fire Grants and Top Funding Alternatives

Fire departments are taking on more responsibilities with each passing year. From emergency medical services (EMS) to natural disasters, hazardous materials incidents, and the large increase in wildfires, California fire departments in particular have a lot on their hands.


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Idea to App: How “Safety Matters” Launched with 3Di Engage

When you think of technology startups, you might imagine a small team of developers huddled in a garage working on code. While that may be the case for some, those scenes are becoming less common. Low-code and no-code platforms have made innovation more accessible. No matter what your background...


Fair Housing Act Accessibility Requirements, Enforcement Tools

The Fair Housing Act was expanded in 1988 to protect Americans with disabilities, and their rights to safe, usable homes in communities across the country. The law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all housing transactions, and bars local zoning and land use ordinances...


How Defensible Space Inspections Protect Your Community

Wildfires can cause enormous human and financial costs when they reach Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas. The WUI is where human development transitions to wilderness, and homes are at much higher risk. About 40 percent of the US (or about 120 million people) lives in the WUI, and thousands of...


How and Why Every Community Should Offer 311 Services

Since the 1990s, many cities have started offering 311 services to help residents find information, request city services, and report issues in their communities. These non-emergency resources reduce congestion on emergency hotlines and improve the relationship between constituents and their local...


Why a Rental Inspection Program Is Needed in Your City

Code enforcement: It’s no one’s idea of an electrifying dinner party topic, but it is one of the most powerful tools city leaders have for keeping rental housing safe and neighborhoods stable. An effective rental inspection program protects tenants and their children from housing conditions that...


Wildfires Without Borders: The Case for Prevention Standards

For the past two decades, the United States has experienced an average of 70,600 wildfires a year, according to the National Interagency Coordination Center. These wildfires strike a diverse set of areas and many different terrains. They devastate populations big and small, and don’t mind county...


Outside Inspiration for Citizen Engagement in Local Government

Companies like Amazon and Uber have built powerhouse brands by creating easy, enjoyable experiences for their customers. It makes sense: When a product is similar or even indistinguishable from that of competitors, ensuring customers have a superior experience with your brand gives you an edge.