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Reimagine Real Estate with Transaction Management Software

3Di Systems | March 8, 2023

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Real estate transactions can be complex, time-consuming and filled with tedious paperwork. Not to mention, managing multiple systems and staying up to date with ever-changing laws and regulations can be a constant headache.  

That's where real estate transaction management software comes in. Using the 3Di Engage platform for transaction management provides a one-stop shop for all your needs — and comes fully customized for your real estate agency or brokerage.

Transaction Management Automation

How much time do you waste on tasks that require little to no brain power, or aren’t directly contributing to your bottom line?

From digital forms and checklists to scheduling and compliance, 3Di Engage makes transaction management quick and painless from start to finish — so you can spend your time on tasks that produce the most return.

Automate Payments, Billing, and Commission

Transaction management in real estate can be a complex and time-consuming process, and handling payments can be a major source of frustration for real estate agents and brokers. From coordinating and tracking multiple payments to handling escrow and closing costs, or dealing with splits and fees, these challenges can lead to delays in the closing process, leading to wasted time, excess costs, and soured relationships.

With 3Di Engage you can:

  • Handle all aspects of payments, including escrow and closing costs, through our integrated payment processing.
  • Easily manage and track client's payments, make adjustments, and handle any tax-related issues all in one system.
  • Customize fee structures and support billing, streamline the payment process for your clients, and ensure a smooth closing.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple payment systems and say hello to a seamless and efficient transaction management experience.

Automate Compliance

With manual processes, compliance tasks such as document management, record keeping, and filing can be prone to manual errors. For example, if an agent forgets to file a required disclosure form, it could lead to a violation of regulations, resulting in fines or penalties.

On top of this, there’s inconsistency across files, a lack of easy progress tracking, and difficulty ensuring compliance overall — especially in larger, complex organizations. A disorganized or slow compliance process can lead to expensive legal consequences and damage to your company’s reputation.

3Di Engage makes compliance a breeze:

  • When agents submit documents for review, transaction coordinators can be immediately notified via email or push notifications.
  • With the 3Di Engage mobile app, they’re now free to run compliance from anywhere, giving them the ability to review documents with notes or changes on the go.
  • To keep the process moving, brokers or admins can oversee any transaction process (from any device), updating as necessary and adding schedules or task assignments.
  • Since it’s easy to track the progress of compliance tasks, you can make sure someone is always accountable, and each task is completed on time.

Automate Scheduling

Without an automated scheduling system, it’s hard to manage schedules effectively, leading to wasted time, double-booking, and difficulty coordinating schedules.

3Di provides custom scheduling tools, such as a calendar to manage and schedule tasks or appointments, see team availability, and easily account for conflicts. This way, employees can schedule their own appointments and eliminate a great deal of unnecessary work.

Automate Incident Management

Unexpected issues, such as property damage, can arise during the process of buying or selling a property, which can add additional challenges or disruption to the transaction, and potentially damage their reputation. A slow incident management process leads to inefficiencies, lack of accountability, and a lack of proper communication with clients and other parties involved in the transaction.

With intake forms on 3Di Engage, brokerages and agencies can create and manage customized forms. These enable conditional questions, multi-lingual support, and compatibility with a variety of channels such as phone, web portal, mobile, chat, and more. This helps gather all the necessary information to resolve the incident quickly and efficiently.

With advanced workflow management features, it becomes easy to streamline unique incident management processes with process mapping, dynamic progression, workflow automation, multi-channel notifications, and role-based permissions. This can help them manage incidents more efficiently and minimize disruption to the transaction process.

Eliminate Data Re-Entry

Duplicating data entry is a huge waste of time, and leaves too much room for mistakes, missed tasks, or worse — compliance issues.

Whether you enter it on a phone, tablet, or computer, 3Di Engage automatically syncs your data across relevant systems, so it’s right there whenever you need it — without the hassle of copying everything over to another application.

Manage Properties and Clients in One Place

Without proper customer management, agents may have trouble finding customer information, keeping track of customer interactions, or even identifying their most valuable leads, leading to lost sales and poor customer satisfaction.

3Di Engage provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to simplify customer engagement. Easily access comprehensive contact information, property management, and simplified communications, all in one centralized location.

Simplify Communications

Without effective communication, transactions can be delayed, and clients may feel ignored. This can lead to a negative reputation and loss of business.

3Di Engage helps keep your team — and your clients and partners — on the same page. Send and automate notifications, alerts, and other communications internally and externally through email, SMS, social, and app push notifications.

Reporting and Analytics

Without proper data and insights, it can be challenging for real estate agents and brokers to track their performance, identify market trends, or optimize their workflows or processes.

For instance, without proper analytics a real estate agency may miss a decline in sales for a certain type of property, such as luxury condos, and may not realize the cause of the decline (such as higher interest rates or shifting preferences). This can lead to the agency focusing on properties that are not in high demand, missing market opportunities and resulting in wasted effort and lower sales. 

With comprehensive reporting tools of 3Di Engage, you get a full and digestible view your business, so you can: 

  • Easily track performance with access to real-time data on your listings, closed deals, and commission earned, making it simple to identify areas for improvement.
  • Get easier visibility into client data such as preferences and budgets, so you can more easily match them with the right properties.
  • Identify market trends such as rising closing costs in certain neighborhoods, or higher close rates with older homes, so you can identify opportunities or anticipate changes in the real estate market.
  • Optimize team performance by identifying inefficiencies in your workflow and processes (such as how much time is spent on paperwork) and make adjustments to get more done with less.
  • Access real-time data with filters and the ability to drill down to explore more. View built-in reports or use the report builder to customize what you see.

Putting It All Together: Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Systems

3Di Engage is a comprehensive solution. No more managing properties, communications, storage, reporting, or analytics from a collection of isolated apps. It's all in one place.

But while 3Di Engage can serve as a one-stop shop for all your transaction management needs, you can also pick and choose features to implement only what you need most.

For any existing systems you want to keep using (such as accounting or document management tools), this comprehensive solution integrates with them, so all your software works seamlessly together.

With its convenient mobile app, all these tools go where you go. Track your pipeline, complete items on your checklists, send documents for signatures, and easily follow the progress of every deal you’re working on. Real estate just became a whole lot simpler.

Book a demo and see how you can simplify transaction management.